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Feb 26
Xiaomi’s Ambitious Electric Vehicle Venture

Xiaomi places a substantial wager on its latest venture into electric vehicles, setting its sights on capturing the attention of 20 million discerning users seeking premium experiences. Xiaomi’s Electric Car: Tapping into the Premium Market with Confidence BEIJING – Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant renowned for its smartphones, is confident it has pinpointed a lucrative […]

Feb 19
TrendForce: EV Battery Prices Down 4–7% in January

In January, the global lithium battery market maintained a subdued stance, as cell manufacturers continued to navigate their inventories while production rates remained stagnant at lower levels. January Insights: Global Lithium Battery Market Trends and Forecasts The global lithium battery market experienced subdued activity in January, with cell manufacturers still working through their inventories and […]

Feb 09
Revolutionary Charging: 2025 Porsche Taycan Achieves 8% to 80% Charge in Mere 16 Minutes

Porsche recently hosted select global journalists to assess the Taycan prototypes’ range and charging capabilities. Despite ideal conditions between Los Angeles and San Diego, a sudden rainstorm added an unexpected challenge on test drive day. Electrifying Performance: Testing the Enhanced Porsche Taycan in Challenging Conditions While winter and extreme heat are known adversaries of electric […]

Feb 05
Europe won’t find much relief in China’s reduction of electric vehicle (EV) overcapacity.

A top official overseeing China’s industrial policy has recently committed to a rigorous approach in reducing surplus capacity within the nation’s electric vehicle industry, evidently acknowledging and responding to a crucial trade grievance raised by the European Union. Navigating Trade Tensions: China’s Response to EU Concerns on EV Overcapacity and its Ongoing Impact on Global […]

Jan 30
Australia unveils its favored approach to emission regulations aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles

SYDNEY, Feb 4 (Reuters) – Australia unveiled its “preferred model” for upcoming standards on vehicle emissions on Sunday, marking a significant step toward finalizing regulations to encourage the widespread adoption of electric cars. This aligns with the standards prevalent in the majority of developed economies. Australia’s Drive Towards Fuel Efficiency: Unveiling Policies and Targets for […]

Jan 30
BYD Asserts 3-Year Duration for China’s EV Market Race, Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Tesla

BEIJING — Competition for China’s electric car market will continue to heat up in the next two to three years, according BYD, which claimed it wants to work with Tesla to grow the market. BYD Anticipates Intensifying Battle for China’s Electric Car Dominance in the Next 2-3 Years, Eyes Collaboration with Tesla for Market Expansion In the bustling […]

Jan 23
JSW Group plans to put $5 billion into electric vehicle projects in eastern India

On January 22, JSW Group announced a hefty investment of 400 billion rupees ($4.81 billion) for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing projects in the coastal state of Odisha, India. This move positions JSW Group to compete with various players, both local and international, in the rapidly growing EV market in India. In the previous year, electric […]

Jan 17
Here’s the reason behind the limited range of electric vehicles in cold conditions

With temperatures bottoming out across the country, electric vehicle drivers are probably noticing their driving range plummeting. Here’s why it keeps happening – and there’s more to it than you might think. -(CNN) Cold Weather Challenges: Understanding the 25% Drop in Electric Vehicle Range According to Consumer Reports Studies conducted by the consumer advocacy organization […]

Jan 16
Surge in U.S. Electric Vehicle Sector, Yet Commands Only 11% Share in Global EV Landscape

As the global automotive industry moves towards a greener future, the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market has experienced significant growth in 2023, and analysts predict this trend to persist in the years to come. U.S. Electric Vehicle Sales Surge Domestically, But Global Landscape Poses Challenges In 2023, U.S. electric vehicle (EV) sales witnessed a noteworthy […]

Jan 15
Biden’s Bold Investment: Powering Up America with a Multimillion-Dollar Boost for EV Charging Infrastructure

Government Unveils Ambitious Plan: $623 Million Investment to Expand EV Charging Network with 7,500 New Stations Biden’s Controversial Move: $623 Million Pours into EV Charging Stations Amidst $7.5 Billion Infrastructure Plan Clash with Republicans As an integral component of President Biden’s ambitious $7.5 billion initiative to extensively enhance the EV infrastructure in the United States—eliciting […]