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Isuzu’s D-Max BEV: Electrifying the Mid-Size Pickup Landscape

Isuzu Debuts Electric Innovation: Introducing the D-Max BEV at Bangkok Motor Show

Isuzu, a leading Japanese automaker, is set to introduce its inaugural electric vehicle at the forthcoming 45th Bangkok International Motor Show (March 27 to April 7 in Thailand)—the D-Max one-ton pickup truck.

Since its inception in 2002 in Thailand, the D-Max has been a stalwart in the mid-size pickup truck category. While the initial two generations were built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Colorado, the current third generation distinguishes itself by sharing a platform with the Mazda BT-50.

Isuzu has designed the all-electric D-Max BEV version to cater to a diverse range of commercial and passenger vehicle requirements, while maintaining the rugged performance expected of pickup trucks.

Equipped with a dual-motor, full-time all-wheel drive system, the D-Max BEV delivers a peak power output of 130 kilowatts—divided into 40 kW at the front and 90 kW at the rear—along with a peak torque of 325 Nm—108 Nm at the front and 217 Nm at the rear. This configuration enables the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 81 mph (130 km/h) and accommodate payloads of up to 2,204 lbs (1,000 kg), or tow loads of up to 7,716 lbs (3,500 kg).

Despite its impressive performance, the battery pack is modestly sized at 66.9 kilowatt-hours. Isuzu has not clarified whether this figure represents total or net battery capacity. Nevertheless, this capacity falls slightly below the 98 kWh Standard Range battery utilized in the Ford F-150 Lightning full-size pickup (net capacity).

While the 67 kWh capacity may be adequate for typical mid-size pickup truck requirements, especially for local commuting and shorter trips, its range—particularly when towing—is uncertain, as Isuzu has not provided any range estimates in its press release. It is likely that the vehicle is optimized for local use and shorter journeys

Isuzu's Electric D-Max: Global Expansion and the Future of Pickup Trucks​

The Isuzu D-Max BEV is poised for a market debut in mainland European countries, including Norway, by 2025. Additionally, it will be introduced in the UK, Australia, and Thailand, where it is likely to be manufactured alongside its internal combustion engine counterpart. Isuzu has expressed openness to expanding availability to other regions based on market demand and the development of EV charging infrastructure.

While the prospect of the Isuzu D-Max BEV entering the U.S. market remains uncertain, there is growing anticipation for the emergence of smaller all-electric pickup trucks. Currently, the focus predominantly revolves around full-size models, but the industry is eagerly awaiting the advent of compact electric pickups.


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