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The Kiri Story

We are an electric vehicle startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is to challenge the status quo of the motor industry across the African continent; one segement at a time. We aim to prove that electric vehicles can and will play a big role in the future of transportation across Kenya and the continent.

We are ready for the unique challenges that await us, and welcome you to embrace the Kiri spirit of changing the way we move around for the better.

Environmental Impact

Our motorcycles cost less than petrol bikes to lease or buy and half as much to power. They produce 75% less lifecycle greenhouse emissions than petrol motorbikes using grid power, and over 98% less on renewables.

Powered by intelligence

Today, technology allows us to understand the vehicle, the way you ride, and the ride conditions, in ways that were not possible before. The magic is in turning all this knowledge into intelligence that’s specific to your ride. So all you do is enjoy the ride. Welcome to the future of commute.

Every aspect of owning a Kiri motorcycle is crafted around you. Connectivity, intelligence & thoughtfully designed to take out all the hassles of maintaining an electric motorcycle & puts the joy back in owning.

  • Kiambu Township ward, Kiambu Town, Kiambu, Central Kenya, 00900, Kenya

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