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Your one-stop fleet electrification partner

Our integrated fleet lifecycle management solution enables fleet partners to operate reliable, fully managed experience providing high fleet uptime at affordable costs.

Vehicle Selection

Simplify your vehicle selection by choosing among multiple curated vehicle models evaluated by our experts in 100+ parameters. Select the right vehicle for your operations based on on-road range, payload, volume, charging time etc.

Fleet Lease

Switch your fleet to electric with no upfront cost. Pay a small security deposit and monthly lease payment that covers your entire vehicle cost at 20% lower than bank EMI.

Fleet OS

Monitor fleet and battery health, receive driving recommendations, preventive diagnostics and alerts to improve your vehicle uptime and utilization.

Integrated Service

Say goodbye to multiple platforms with our all-in-one fleet management solution. Easily make insurance claims, find service garages, schedule appointments, subscribe to parking/charging hubs, and ease your vehicle management.

Lease your fleet today

Alt provides a cost-effective solution for electric fleet operations with a single source for all your transportation needs. Our zero-emission commercial fleets offer everything from leasing and insurance to service, telematics, parking, and charging at a lower cost than diesel or CNG.

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