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The Lopifit is a unique means of transport. You are able to get around like you never did before! An easy stroll and still reaching speeds of up to 25 km per hour. A true revolution!

Ergonomical and healthy

Walking is great for everybody. It’s beneficial to your heart, your lungs as well as your bones and muscles. What’s more, a healthy stroll is very relaxing and great for your mood and state of mind. Lopifit doesn’t cause saddle soreness, simply hop on and off you go!

Mobility increase

One hour on the Lopifit gives you 25 kilometres in distance. Thanks to the electric support you are able to go long distances in a healthy manner. Lopifit is a means of transport for a nice walk in your spare time, but also very suitable for commuting.

Lopifit is all about fun!

Using the Lopifit will create a smile on your face. An absolute experience! Either at a slow pace or maybe a bit quicker at some point. It doesn’t make any difference. The Lopifit gives you ultimate walking pleasure and fun. Not only you, but also for everyone who is passing by.

Nicely out in the open air

Just imagine: having a lovely stroll at a proper speed, the wind through your hair while you are gently and comfortably taking in your surroundings. No sweaty sport clubs or at home, but in the great outdoors! Lopifit, the ultimate enjoyment!

What exactly is Lopifit?

The Lopifit is an electric treadmill bike with five gears. A very innovative way of transportation which definitively makes saddle pain a thing of the past.

The Lopifit makes it possible to travel large distances on foot. With a walking pace of 5 km per hour, a speed can be achieved of 25 km per hour. Walking on the Lopifit is a unique and a wonderful experience. A relaxing stroll with the wind in your hair. Walking has never been this much fun!

Battery and gears

The strong battery (960 Wh, Panasonic-cells) together with the engine (250w) make it possible to travel a distance from 50 to 70 kilometers (depending on weather, your own weight and terrain). With the five gears it can be switched to a speed you feel comfortable with.

Easy operation and very safe

Operating the Lopifit is so simple, anyone can use it! Step on, make a first walking movement and you’re away. The sensors in the handles can stop the treadmill with a slight movement. You roll through the curves with ease. The disc brakes ensure that the Lopifit is safely and quickly stopped.

The Lopifit is a Dutch product, built with only high quality parts.

"Riding a Lopifit is a lot of fun, give it a try!"

  • Sterrebaan 17b, Lage Weide, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3542 DJ, Netherlands

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