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Our dedicated storage warehouse facilities provide customers with secure, compliant, discreet, high-quality storage for their lithium-ion batteries.

What We Store?

Electric Vehicle Battery Storage

Manufacturing electric vehicles involves a complex logistical production chain. The storage of batteries on site is inconvenient, increases liability by holding potentially volatile items, takes up production space and adds another tier of operational detail. All of this detracts from the core activity – manufacturing. We maintain an off-site store of batteries ready for ‘just-in-time’ delivery and fulfilling manufacturers’ warranty commitments.

Energy Battery Storage

Batteries used to store renewable energy need to arrive with their customers in optimum condition and at the right time. Manufacturers and installers do not want to store them for long periods with the associated liability, space requirement and delivery challenges. We solve those problems by providing an off-site store of batteries ready for ‘just-in-time’ delivery.

Other Battery Storage

We have the specialist facilities and experience to store all new lithium batteries. In circumstances where a manufacturer or end-user site storage is not convenient or potentially safe we are happy to discuss alternatives within our facilities.

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