Welcome to LiRidenet!

Welcome to LiRidenet portal!

Dear visitors,

We are very proud to present the LiRidenet portal, a novelty in the EV industry, with which we want to make it easier for manufacturers, sellers, and end-users to search for and access information about electric vehicles.

We offer manufacturers the most promising presentation based on a platform whose network of users in the EV industry is growing every day. We also offer the possibility of advertising, assistance in creating a dealer network in different countries, creating a service network, connecting with manufacturers of components, software and connecting with designers.

To end-users who choose electric vehicles, we provide the ability to find all the information about the service network, dealers, chargers, software solutions, and applications.

In the first phase of our work, our goal is to create a base of manufacturers of vehicles, spare parts, equipment, dealers and points of sale, service stations, and chargers. By providing information in the form of informative articles and videos, we want to provide our members with the best possible insight into events from the EV world.

Goals we strive for with the work of the LiRidenet portal:

• Collecting and presenting information on innovations, procedures, projects, investments, and similar things from the EV world

• Raising awareness and educating our customers about electric vehicles, as well as the use of renewable energy sources

• Connecting banks, investors, and project holders to implement projects

• Improving the environment through the use of electric vehicles and thus reducing emissions of CO2 and other harmful products So, whether you are a beginner in the EV world, a professional veteran, or a company engaged in the production or sale of vehicles, parts, and equipment, we hope that the LiRidenet portal will be a valuable tool and a regular stop on your daily journey through the EV world.

posted: 10/08/2021

writer: Ivica Stasuk