Stellantis Presents Its Electrification Strategy

Stellantis EV Day 2021

 Stellantis N.V., formed in 2021 based on a 50-50 cross-border merger between the Italian-American conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the French PSA Group, announced a large investment in the production of electric cars during the live digital event in early July.

      Stellantis plan to invest more than €30 billion through 2025 in electrification and software, while continuing to be the automotive efficiency frontrunner, with investment efficiency 30 percent better than the industry average.

“The customer is always at the heart of Stellantis and our commitment with this €30 billion-plus investment plan is to offer iconic vehicles that have the performance, capability, style, comfort, and electric range that fit seamlessly into their daily lives,” said Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive Officer, Stellantis. “The strategy we laid out today focuses the right amount of investment on the right technology to reach the market at the right time, ensuring that Stellantis powers the freedom of movement in the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable way.”

     The goal is for 70 percent of the total car sales in Europe by 2030 to be vehicles with reduced emissions, while the plan for the United States is somewhat more modest – 40 percent of the total sales to be electric and hybrid cars.

     The company also intends to produce four platforms that will allow electric vehicles to reach a range of 500 to 800 km on a single charge and plans to open five „gigafactories“ in Europe and the United States for the EV battery and component needs.

     They plan to develop four battery-electric vehicle platforms – three unibody platforms and one body-on-frame platform. The platforms include a small platform for compact city cars, a medium platform for premium vehicles; a large platform for all-wheel-drive and midsize-to-full-size vehicles including American muscle cars, as well as a frame platform for commercial vehicles, pickups, and SUVs. The platforms will have an electric range between 500 to 800 km and fast-charging capabilities of 32 km per minute. They’ll be designed for software and hardware upgrades and a high level of flexibility and component sharing to deliver economies of scale so platforms can support the production of up to 2 million units per year. The plan also includes developing three electric drive modules that combine the motor, gearbox, and inverter, which can be configured for front-drive, rear-drive, all-wheel drive, and 4xe, a drive mode unique to Jeep vehicles.

     The Stellantis electrification roadmap encompasses the entire value chain. The Company’s EV battery sourcing strategy is to secure more than 130 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of capacity by 2025 and more than 260 GWh by 2030. Stellantis has or is completing several key technology joint ventures, ranging from e-powertrain and e-transmission operations to battery cell chemistry and production and digital cockpit and personalized connected services. These partnerships provide Stellantis the opportunity to leverage not only in-house competencies, but also the expertise of the partners to bring new technology and solutions to market more rapidly while optimizing capital allocation to further enhance Stellantis competitiveness in the marketplace. “Our electrification journey is quite possibly the most important brick to lay as we start to reveal the future of Stellantis just six months after its birth, and now the entire company is in full execution mode to exceed every customer’s expectations and accelerate our role in redefining the way the world moves”, said Carlos Tavares, “We have the scale, the skills, the spirit, and the sustainability to achieve double-digit Adjusted Operating Income margins, lead the industry with benchmark efficiencies and deliver electrified vehicles that ignite passion.”

      Electrification is not a “one size fits all” plan at Stellantis. Each of the Company’s 14 iconic brands is committed to offering best-in-class fully electrified solutions and doing so in a way that enhances the DNA of each brand. Stellantis revealed the following statements expressing each of the brand’s electrification approaches:

  • Abarth – “Heating Up People, But Not the Planet”
  • Alfa Romeo – “From 2024, Alfa Romeo Becomes Alfa e-Romeo”
  • Chrysler – “Clean Technology for a New Generation of Families”
  • Citroën – “Citroën Electric: Well-Being for All!”
  • Dodge – “Tear Up the Streets… Not the Planet”
  • DS Automobiles – “The Art of Travel, Magnified”
  • Fiat – “It’s Only Green When It’s Green for All”
  • Jeep® – “Zero Emission Freedom”
  • Lancia – “The Most Elegant Way to Protect the Planet”
  • Maserati – “The Best in Performance Luxury, Electrified”
  • Opel/Vauxhall – “Green is the New Cool”
  • Peugeot – “Turning Sustainable Mobility into Quality Time”
  • Ram – “Built to Serve a Sustainable Planet”
  • Commercial Vehicles – “The Global Leader in e-Commercial Vehicles”

posted: 12/08/2021

writer: Mirjana Jankovic